The Why

This past New Years I made my last trek from the U.P.’s most upper peninsula after graduating from Michigan Tech and moved back down to the lower peninsula. More specifically downtown Detroit. Loyal to my personality I have been much of a hermit the past two months as I hibernated due to the extremely ridiculous frigid wind chills and adjusted to the newfound city life, or life not within the wilderness with a bunch of crazy yoopers.

I find myself searching for ways to love myself and the place I reside; to better grow, learn, and become one with my city. There is so much going on in this entrepreneurial, technological, and incredibly innovating environment . Working for Quicken Loans I have the greatest opportunity to help be a part of the positive change occurring in the city of Detroit. I live the culture in more ways than one, and now I plan on eating and drinking the culture as well- and sharing this with readers like yourself. This is a journey I will be embarking upon; one that has begun with family, will include solo-expeditions, and result with a greater knowledge of not only the city of Detroit, fine-food, and craft-brews…but also myself.

Prepare yourself- for one fine jazzy pants filled adventure.


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