The Guardian + The Dime

Yesterday was again, another extremely cold day in lower Michigan. At least the sun was out so the warm rays would warm you as the rest of you was frozen in the notorious wind. We could hear the birds, however, which is such a nice reminder that the last day of February was bringing us hope for the (ideally) soon to come spring. To set the mood, the day just had the vibe that it was spring, you could even smell it and feel the happiness. (It sounds cheesy, but really that was how I felt).

The rents and I enjoyed a tour of the Guardian building. For more information, check out their Facebook page and website. They often give these tours on Fridays and Saturdays, and to top it all off they are FREE. The purchases made at the Detroit swag shop in the lobby are able to provide these tours to incoming travelers. You are not allowed access to view the upstairs of the building, but hey if you’re soon to be married and want to rent it out…that option is available to you. Future husband please note that as important. Anyway back to the point, there was a crowd much larger than I had originally anticipated. There were people from all over the country as well as the world! Which I find extremely exciting and hopeful for the city. A group of friends from Texas, a family from Puerto Rico, and a small group of Germans. In total there were probably close to 50 people.

Tiffany Clock (in the background)
Tiffany Clock (in the background)

We began the tour in the Guardian lobby just outside the Detroit shop. Built in 1929, the Guardian was filled with different cultural aspects as well as from different eras. There was definitely a 20s Great Gatsby vibe mixed with Azteca art-deco and some 1950s turquoise tile. Once a bank, the Guardian was filled with references to fidelity, trust, and security. If you are a stained glass, mosaic, culture, or state of Michigan fanatic I highly encourage you to take a road-trip to enjoy this monstrously beautiful building. Although anyone further west from Marquette (including my prided Keweenaw… we are not represented). I encourage all to take this tour, the guide did a great job despite the large unexpected group and we learned about the Ford Building, the Penobscot, and the First National Building as well.

Immediately following the tour we had a hot hour to get into the Dime and get lunch, so I eagerly pushed my mom and dad out of the Guardian and practically ran to the Chrysler House. It was my second time eating at this restaurant (located in the Chrysler building on Griswold) and once again I was not disappointed. If you are a goat cheese fanatic like myself, you surely want to get your fill of the amazing different recipes they feature in this small and very often crowded dining place filled with savory goat-cheese deliciousness. We walked into the room and were greeted by an incredibly cheerful hostess who had us seated at our table in less than two minutes. The majority of the diners were in their mid 20s and early 30s.

House Fries
House Fries

I was probably the youngest person (22) and my parents were probably the oldest (nearing their 60s). We were warmly greeted by a “hipster-esque” waitress and I started the Saturday-noon afternoon with an Atwater Dirty Blonde. (I can’t actually recall whether I have had this or not, but I believe it was more chilled at the DBC). I seemed to be the only one enjoying on tap brew, while everyone else had their Bloody Marys and black coffee. Whatever. I was going for the beer. I could have guessed exactly what my parents would like because they ordered what I had mentally chosen for them after reading the menu. My mother, decided upon the poached pear salad (by the way I can vouch for this, totally the best salad I have ever had in my life), my father, the steak and cheese sandwich (the not so adventurous eater of the family), and I myself had the smoked salmon benny.


Lawd oh lawd, I was taken back to my days in Spain, but almost better. The smoked salmon was salty and delicious, while the english muffin was covered with cream cheese and herbs with two perfectly poached eggs, topped with hollandaise and capers. On the side was a bitter arugula and spinach salad that complemented the salty smoked salmon beautifully. As you can tell, I have nothing but fantasticness to say about the Dime. Both of my experiences here have been delightful. But be sure to be patient with the service as they are always hopping mad with hungry Detroiters, but trust me the wait whatever the time frame may be, is totally worth what these chefs have to offer.

So go eat your heart out.


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