Wright & Co. : Burned rosemary, jazzy jams and aluminum ceilings

A couple Thursday’s ago I had my fourth opportunity to have a classy happy hour of beverages at Wright and Co. just off of Woodward. It’s hidden away, snuggled between John Varvatos and an alley, you have to first go up an elevator to the second floor. Once you exit you find yourself in a very short dark hallway, up above you a chandelier; you can hear sweet music in the background and smell burning herbs. The atmosphere is set – one similar to a classy 1950’s Sinatra joint. (Which if you ask me is pretty super classy). The lighting is low and the tables are so close to one another you would think you were in a European cafe- one where you are basically eating and conversing with your table neighbors. The aura of the restaurant is something that is comforting and edgy simultaneously and patrons are welcomed by a greeter with a bunch of tattoos and some slick eye make up. So basically OF COURSE I loved this place and had to come back multiple times within the same month. wrightandco

Maybe one day I’ll write a post where I don’t actually enjoy the food, service, or environment? Or maybe Detroit is just awesome.


My first time there I asked for the Rosemary Pine Sour. As a rosemary fanatic I could absolutely not pass up this opportunity. Seated at the bar I was able to watch my bartender make the drink before my eyes. There were small containers of herbs lining the bar. I was incredibly surprised as I watched him take a flame to the sprig of rosemary, char it, and then place it over top of my cocktail. I understood where the smell of burning herbs had come from and it was definitely potent near my face as I began to sip my beverage. The drink itself was absolutely delicious- however, for future reference, I would ask for my rosemary not to be burned.  Personally, I feel rosemary is rather strong on its own and the smokey flavor doesn’t do much to enhance the drink, it more so made me taste burnt embers and for that reason I wasn’t impressed. They also never separate the bill, so make sure you’re not in too large of a group because it causes a fiasco at the end.

A personal favorite in terms of their specialty cocktails has become the Blackberry Bramble, a great combination of liquor with a sweet blackberry tang, there is also a dry bite that tames off the sweetness. wright_co

The most recent occasion for dining I was out for a dinner with my parents. Wright and Co. is based off a small plates concept, (which really then reminded me of Europe because most of the dishes you can compare to fine tapas). We had three plates, an appetizer, and a dessert. All prepped to perfection and displayed in a way that made the food look like you didn’t quite want to ruin its display, but then you think you don’t care, totally miss the stereotypical foodie picture and dig in. We had chicken, roasted pork tenderloin, tuna tar-tar, and some AMAZING macaroni. Never underestimate the ability to perfect and gourmet-ify mac’N’cheese. This ditalini pasta was prepared with Gorgonzola cheese and Italian sausage. It was topped with a walnut crust that basically made you moan on the first bite. If you go, and if you wish to spend the money for food, I highly recommend you take a stab at this pasta dish. You won’t regret it. Needless to say, it was another very successful outing to Wright and Co. and I am eagerly anticipating my next opportunity to take someone new for their own first experience there. Stay classy Detroit. Love ya.


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