Canva… or pretty much the niftiest application ever and my thoughts on personal branding

I am currently in the process of starting my own social media consultancy business. While reading blogs I came across an application that has proven to be absolutely amazing in terms of assisting with the branding process. I often get hung up on colors and the typeface I want to use, particularly because I am incredibly indecisive and want to ensure that what I choose is something that is timeless.

After quite a lot of meandering through out their website, I created this. Which I have to say I am quite in love with. Not everyone is quite as fond of the name as I am, however, I really want this business to be something that I enjoy. I currently work in a corporate office, and granted, it is not the typical kind of corporate world, and it is in fact fun and friendly… I one day hope to be released from the mental burden of an 8-5 schedule, the guilt of working from home, and (mainly more time for yoga). And because of this, the playful, and yet purely silly me is also something I wish to incorporate in my future career path.TWEET

This header embodies myself as a woman, the purely cat jazzing goddess of awesomeness of which I personify, and the communication aspect that allows me to help others.

I specifically chose to use the word goddess, because for me it has a very empowering emotion. As a woman, I love and thrive off the support I provide my intuition, the acknowledgement I give my body and the gratitude that I now treat it with. Communication is a vital role in our lives, both externally as well as internally. The latter I didn’t realize was so intrinsically important to our happiness until very recently. The way in which we communicate with ourselves will determine how and when and how well we succeed. By using goddess, I constantly remind myself of the glory it is to be a woman and how gratifying it is to help others through communication.

Any way you look at this, I am viscerally excited for the changes that are soon to come in my life. I gratefully thank Liz Benny for such a wonderful webinar and the support in starting this business.

All my cat love



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