The best most exciting news EVER!

I have been so excited about this revelation that I could not just wait to share the experience with perhaps the one or two people who read my blog by accidentally and definitely not purposefully stumbling upon my blog. My starchy, carby, comforty, and fattening cravings have increased exponentially within the past two days and so yesterday at work I decided that my lunch was going to be ketchup with a side of fries. ( I love my ketchup… don’t judge. Sometimes I think my boyfriend wonders if I love ketchup more than I love him… that is incredibly false by the way). I work in downtown Detroit, so lately there has been no shortage at all of fancy, hipster, or traditional restaurants to choose from. Really the copious amount of food options downtown is slightly mesmerizing now, and with the addition of all the food trucks that line Cadillac Square it is a foodies heaven. Anyway back to the fries and ketchup. On a whim I took the elevator to the bottom of my building and approached the counter; I soon ordered myself a very large pop (Diet Coke was featured in this machine, although I am a now die hard Pepsi fan)… and an order of fries. Now on the way down the elevator I inquired as to how these fries were supposed to taste and their level of deliciousness. I was told they would not need salt, and of course, I did not believe my team member, because really what fries could ever not use more salt? So I naturally grabbed about two salt packets and approximately 15 ketchup packets and waited in line. For a rather strip mall type of restaurant, Bellacino’s did a fantastic job on the fries. Yes I just now for the first time mentioned the name. Don’t tell anyone my secret because I will forever be commandeering their supply of fries. The bag handed to me was the size of a paper lunch bag; the fries inside amounted to somewhere between a McDonald’s small and medium, the perfect size for my hankering. The fries themselves were oven baked to absolute perfection, crispy on the outside with just enough crunch, and soft potatoey on the inside. And they were right… no salt needed, and the ketchup for these babies – completely optional. Did I mention the fries were only 69 cents? Happy eating!


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