The Media Goddess: Fears and Ponderings

Today, August 11th, 2015 is my first ‘officially’ official day of my website BETA completion as well as the ultimate beginning to my career in communication consultancy. I leave that incredibly broad and general, as I currently am promoting my business, The Media Goddess, for purely WordPress web design, social media management, and marketing analysis services. Eventually, however, with more experience in technical writing, I wish to accommodate this skill into the business as well… and ultimately have a great consultancy business that will allow me to grow throughout my career.

In all honesty I am scared as shit.

I am beyond blessed to be able to partake in this adventure while still maintaining a technical writing job for an absolutely phenomenal company in downtown Detroit, which minimizes the risk of starting my own social media business exponentially, but just because the risk is rather low does not mean that my state of ‘scared as shit’ is as well.

Because, well…

What if I can’t do it?

This is the question that I have to hone in on and really take the time to push myself to understand why I am the only one doing the following: not believing, not accepting, and not allowing myself to be successful. This, I believe, is probably exactly similar to what I am working on with my team leader, the confidence to know that I can accomplish something as well as everyone else knows I can. This is now the pursuit of the next few months; something that yoga, reflection, and constant self-support will all assist. Eventually my goal is to be able to help others with these same concerns, as we are all much better at being cheerleaders for others, and yet when it comes time to cheer for ourselves the self-doubt and evil side of vulnerability come into play. The journey is about accepting this fact in our lives, however, after acceptance being able to grow and move forward beyond it.

The Media Goddess right now focuses on media, just as I intend to grow, the company will as well, and be much more accompanying of the holistic aspects of communication that are vital to our every day lives.


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