Earls in Downtown Toronto!

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to spend four days (a mini vacation!!!) with my boyfriend’s family in Mississauga. On Friday we drove to celebrate his brother’s girlfriend’s birthday in Toronto. The first stop was a restaurant located in what I believe to be the heart of downtown Toronto (King’s Street), Earls. The outside was dazzling, with a covered patio, twinkling lights, and greenery to complete the setting. Earls 1Our reservation was for nine P.M., however, the table was not quite ready when we arrived. For the postponement the hostess provided us all complementary glasses of champagne, which lasted an entirety five minutes, as everyone basically chugged their glass. Even the ladies. After about three cigarettes a piece we were finally seated on a very long table, from where I sat I could view the bar, which included the woman bartender dancing to the songs that were playing overhead. My boyfriend, his cousin visiting from Croatia, and I sat on our own end of the table and decided to split a bottle of wine. photo 3
They had steak and I enjoyed a pair of corn tacos with a side of French fries, (because clearly I can never get enough fries and ketchup in my life, although you know a place is fancy if they don’t even provide you the entire bottle for consumption). photo 4The tacos themselves were rather dry for a dish, at least in terms of how they generally taste, but it did not ruin the flavor at all. It was even quite refreshing to not have the juice of the dish dribbling down my face and on to my dress. If you’re ever in Toronto, I highly suggest the restaurant. You won’t be disappointed in your gastro choices.

Philip and Me


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