Empowering your goddess: Waking when you don’t wish to, and still moving mountains.

When I’m not in Canada with my boyfriend, I wake up everyday at five A.M. (And yes, truly, this is out of choice, technically I mustn’t be in to work until 9 A.M. and I live a hot two minute walk away from my building). A lot of my friends and family think I am rather unhinged to do so but over time I have realized that this is something that I must do for myself, to care for myself, and provide the two hours of solitude before the craziness of the day attempts to disrupt the peace and cause imbalance in my life. Rather than allow the bumps of the day defeat me, I utilize that time to beatify myself by simply partaking in the time of day that works best for my biological-syncrasies.

This kind of time devoted to yourself is absolutely vital to your well-being. The chaotic lifestyles and their ever competitive nature ensure that we forget to incorporate these daily rituals into our lives. That is why we must make the conscientious effort to allow ourselves to be happy, to allow ourselves to succeed, and allow ourselves to grow.

I constantly remind myself of this every night when I step on my yoga mat, incorporating the reminder that taking care of myself is no longer an option (as it used to be in the past). It is a must.

What do you do to take care of yourself? When was the last time you evaluated your musts?


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