This idea of believing in yourself.

After participating in Liz Benny’s webinar, “How to become a six figure social media consultant,”she offered her services to participants for a price that was rather high for my budget. Within seconds, however, I eagerly signed up for the package and support her business Social Jinga could offer a newcomer to entrepreneurship. Because I purchased the package so quickly I was able to have an online Skype meeting with her for almost an hour. During this time I was blessed with her bubbly presence as she asked me numerous questions about how I wanted to proceed with my business, what I would be offering clients, as well as my geographical location as to better ascertain the ways in which she could assist me.

As we were speaking she was able to quickly gauge my personality and confidence levels, the latter of which are not always incredibly high. Liz said something that initially I didn’t think too much about, she said, “You must believe and allow yourself to be successful.” All I had thought at that time was sure, of course, I know for sure I can do this. That will be the least of my concerns moving forward with this new endeavor. Over the next few weeks the word allow began to make more of an appearance in my thoughts and began to agitate me. I realized that the lack of self-confidence that occasionally plagues me was inhibiting the idea of allowing myself to succeed.

How many of us are eluded of chances and opportunities because we simply do not allow ourselves to be successful? I have taken this concept to heart because as I only have this one life to live, I wish to do so in a way that I have control. My own business allows me to create a timeline conducive to the activities I wish to partake in, however, I must first allow myself the blessing of courage to be able to create the life in which I most incredibly wish to live. As we all must.

Liz Benny’s work has been such an inspiration in my life, so take this day to allow yourself to be happy, to allow yourself to have fun, and most importantly allow yourself to blossom into the person you always wished you could be.


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