Sunday Mornings, otherwise known as the “Get Your Shit Together Day”

Today, I am going to focus on a total mind shift day. I am the type of person that enjoys having my life organized, and if it takes an entire day to do so that is what I will do, as the rest of my week will be completamente positiv. This morning as I was getting ready to make my coffee, I was mentally preparing a list of things that I had to do in order to feel set for the week. What I realized was that I was creating a list of “have to’s.” I have to do this, I have to do that, and honestly it started to become incredibly daunting. All of the sudden I had this fabulous idea. Rather than saying have to do, or creating a list of tasks, I decided I would start thinking of my list of things “to do” as instead “get to do” because truly by the time all of the checks are marked I will be feeling on top of the world, empowered, and ready to welcome the week with a positive mindset. So not only will I be feeling wonderful, I have a better chance of helping others feel awesome jazzing as well.

So on my get to do list this morning:

  • Watch Liz Benny Modules
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Finish reading Lolita
  • Create The Media Goddess Facebook posts for the week
  • Create the posts for my mom’s business on Facebook for the week
  • Cook food for the week
  • Not get dressed and dance around in my pjs allllll day long
  • Practice on the yoga mat 🙂

So you are probably wondering, Katherine, why on earth do I care about your “get to do” list for the day? Well, because I decided to think of it as getting to do, rather than have to do, I started putting items on the list that I truly enjoy such as reading and yoga. By doing so I am making my passions a priority as well as the random household chores that will also make my life feel more stable upon completion.

This morning, I am feeling like a goddess. I hope your Sunday “Get Your Shit Together Day” allows you to feel like your own goddess too. ❤


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