Pinks, flowers, love, and life

As of late, I have been thinking a lot about who I am as a person, how I want to portray myself, and the image that comes to mind when others think of me. As a person, kindness has been essential, the amount of change you can make in others’ lives through the kindness that we portray is enormous; not only this, but through kindness and positivity we can change our own perspective of ourselves.

I have always been in love with the Parisian light pinks, blacks, whites, and soft grays. The softness reminds me to be kind to myself, to relax, and be aware of where I am in life. My model is Audrey Hepburn- her chic lightness illuminated lives and fits quite well with the colors described above. I myself want to emanate these kinds of aesthetics; I am in love with life, love, and soulful living, so I have decided to change the title of my blog to Une Vie en Rose.

Over the years I have berated myself for never being able to define my style, who I am as a person, and how others view me. This last part was ultimately the problem, I have always been concerned with the ways others perceive me and the life I live, which over the years I realize is silly. There is no better way to describe that. So now, at only 23 I am re-embracing the pinks I ever so loved as a child, the dresses I always chose in favor of pants, and the incredibly feminine lifestyle I have always wanted to live. Honestly, I have never been happier.


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