Lipstick Frenzie – My Saga: Day One

I have decided to write a series regarding my obsession with lipstick- no it is not (never will be) a necessary purchase, however, the colors just get me so excited. As a person who wears primarily black everything this is the one area of my wardrobe that I do quite enjoy going big.

When I first began purchasing lipsticks, I was rather obsessed with Mac especially the matte versions as the pigmentation is so vibrant. I went through a phase where I bought four or five different colors, one of which is Violetta. This color, however, is not matted, and finishes with a creamy feel that leaves your lips feeling so moisturized. Additionally, it ilipsticks not a flat purple color. It has a shimmer (not sparkly!) of golds and silvers that makes it look extra different. The shade on the Mac Cosmetics website does not do it justice – so here’s a go from me (ignore my tired eyes):

Best of luck in your lipstick endeavors!