Photo Shoot

So I am not one for much attention from people I don’t know. Yesterday, however, I walked the streets of Detroit with a team member as she incessanold mantly shot different photos of me throughout the city. Which I found much more entertaining than I first anticipated (I was quite nervous prior to beginning, actually) even though random men from trucks decided to watch… and a homeless man decided he wanted part of the pic takin’ action (goodness was I so uncomfortable when those things happened).

Now though, I have some great professional and personal pictures to use for LinkedIn, my website, and perhaps gifting. 🙂 Such a great melissaphotographer and friend , you can check out her blog here. I have to say, so much energy; she kept pushing me to laugh and relax, which I did of course by acting ridiculously silly and then by actually laughing.

Praise your own beauty, and stop the comparisons. Personal motto for the day.