Well hello sunshines!

Oooo oooo ooooo it has been quite the long time since I have last visited WordPress… let alone taken the time to write (other than technical documents). I have been feeling quite joyous this past week and have decided that while my mind is in such a beautiful bright place, I shall be creating a goals list for myself. I always love having something to look forward to, yet these items should be activities that I can do everyday to enjoy every minute of everyday. I wish to no longer seek for the weekend, the next month, the next event, the next holiday, the next anything. So here I dipp-dippity go!

  1. Learn Croatian – with the goal of (by Christmas) be able to speak with my boyfriend’s family.
  2. Read 5 Books – (between now and let’s say…Thanksgiving… the week of is totally included).
  3. Save Money – with the greater goals of; 1) saving for graduate school and 2) saving for my trip to Croatia next August
  4. Exercise a couple times a week – for a happy and healthier mind.
  5. Continue to show adoration and feel the love – between my family, my boyfriend, and my two amazing kittens
  6. Relish in the art of cooking – (and eating)  I have been whipping up some nooooiiiiice recipes lately. I would love to keep this progress going!
  7. Send everyone I know cards – for their birthdays’ and happy events! ❤
  8. Take care of myself better – and take time to breath

I hope some of this has perhaps helped inspire you to focus more on what brings joy, happiness, and health to your life. For now, ta-ta and happy Friday!


And welcome world! To my beloved Medo and Luna