Lipstick Frenzie – My Saga: Day Two

Good evening my fellow lipstick lovers!

Today was day two of my lipstick saga and I went for a much more relaxed look, as I returned to my hometown to visit my parents, I didn’t want anything over powering. As my LSM (lipstick soulmate) refers to the color of this lipstick, the NYX Tea and Cookies matte liquid suede is a “your lips but better” certified color. This light pink is perfect as it smoothes out the natural lip tone and finishes with a light rosy pink matte coat.

I purchased this lovely lip color for a cool reasons. 1) I adore the natural and romantic look that this color emanates 2) I needed something much more natural for my new job.

Regardless of your reasons, if you like the color try it out! It’s not very expensive and yet you go all day still looking classy.



Lipstick Frenzie – My Saga: Day One

I have decided to write a series regarding my obsession with lipstick- no it is not (never will be) a necessary purchase, however, the colors just get me so excited. As a person who wears primarily black everything this is the one area of my wardrobe that I do quite enjoy going big.

When I first began purchasing lipsticks, I was rather obsessed with Mac especially the matte versions as the pigmentation is so vibrant. I went through a phase where I bought four or five different colors, one of which is Violetta. This color, however, is not matted, and finishes with a creamy feel that leaves your lips feeling so moisturized. Additionally, it ilipsticks not a flat purple color. It has a shimmer (not sparkly!) of golds and silvers that makes it look extra different. The shade on the Mac Cosmetics website does not do it justice – so here’s a go from me (ignore my tired eyes):

Best of luck in your lipstick endeavors!


Photo Shoot

So I am not one for much attention from people I don’t know. Yesterday, however, I walked the streets of Detroit with a team member as she incessanold mantly shot different photos of me throughout the city. Which I found much more entertaining than I first anticipated (I was quite nervous prior to beginning, actually) even though random men from trucks decided to watch… and a homeless man decided he wanted part of the pic takin’ action (goodness was I so uncomfortable when those things happened).

Now though, I have some great professional and personal pictures to use for LinkedIn, my website, and perhaps gifting. 🙂 Such a great melissaphotographer and friend , you can check out her blog here. I have to say, so much energy; she kept pushing me to laugh and relax, which I did of course by acting ridiculously silly and then by actually laughing.

Praise your own beauty, and stop the comparisons. Personal motto for the day.